30 Days of Discipline Review

I’m gonna take a shot in the dark… you want to be rich, you want to be great with women, and you want to look like a Spartan.

Was I close?

What’s more, it needs to be quick, easy and guaranteed, yes?

I must be a genius!

It’s the same with me, too. The problem is: it just doesn’t work that way. Nothing worthwhile comes easy.


30 days of discipline review


This minor detail doesn’t stop people queueing up to exploit you, though:

“Find out how I made $107,528.37 in 17 hours!”

“Never be rejected by a girl ever again – after my 2 day bootcamp!”

“Magic weight loss pill!”

The fact that each of these are multi-billion dollar industries reveals…

  1. … that we want these things so badly we’re willing to believe anything. Literally anything. And…
  2. … that there is no secret. If there were, it would be out in the open and people would have nothing more to sell.

30 Days of Discipline isn’t a shortcut. It isn’t quick. And it isn’t easy.

30 Days of Discipline is ‘how to do the work to get the benefits’.



New years resolutioners leave the gym by February.

Wannabe PUAs go back to the safety of their keyboard after their first five approaches go badly.

Wannabe internet entrepreneurs go back to Googling ‘best way to make money online’ after nobody visits their new website.

Although it never looks like it, there’s only ever been one way to fail – quitting before you win.

30 Days of Discipline is ‘how to take your lumps and keep on going’.


30 Days of Discipline Review

The difference between winning and quitting is discipline. Your habits.

30 Days of Discipline is a bootcamp which sheds old habits and replaces them with new, productive ones.

Each day for 30 days, you’ll be forming habits which inspire action, pride, sacrifice, creativity, productivity, strength, willpower, commitment, confidence … in short, you’ll emerge as a man.

From this position of strength, you’ll be able to face any challenge you set yourself with the efficiency of a Marine fresh from bootcamp.

The program is the brainchild of Victor Pride – his blog Bold & Determined is a living testament to what you can achieve with discipline.

If there’s something you want to achieve, 30 Days of Discipline will give you the foundation to push yourself and get it.


30 days of discipline review


Personally, I’ve been through the program twice now. Being self employed, I have periods where things don’t seem to be getting done. Where I’m unclear on what I need to do, and where I sit at my computer all day and have nothing to show for it.

Both times it’s lifted the fog from my mind and focused it on what was necessary – giving me real vigour and purpose. The change is quite remarkable – it’s like steroids for getting stuff done.

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  1. elmachismo.com January 11th, 2014 at 4:52 am

    Excellent review. Check out next B&D and 30 Days of Discipline on Spanish.


  2. Adam Kibr | Alpha Male Makeover June 4th, 2014 at 4:29 pm

    Great review! I also took the 30 days of discipline challenge and it was one of the hardest 30 days of my life. Now that I’ve completed it I feel like I can accomplish anything I put my mind to. Thanks for sharing the review.


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