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Red Pill Orgasm Review

‘How do you make a woman come?’
‘Who cares! Har har.’
– A virgin.


One of the biggest distinctions between red pill game and PUA game is understanding that you need to be masculine to attract girls – the yin to her yang.


Lift weights, eat well and live a purposeful life. Pick up routines will only ever get you so far.


If you want her to stay, you’ll need to satisfy her. This is widely understood, but mainstream advice (along with PUA advice) is nothing short of a trainwreck.


I read Tim Ferris’ 4 Hour Body (yeah, I fell for the hype…) and in it, he describes his ‘amazing’ orgasm technique.


She lies north to south on the bed and you lie east to west across her stomach, on your side, facing her feet. From here, you’re in a comfortable position to rub her clit for 20 minutes.


This neatly sums up all mainstream sex advice – put her on a pedestal, put her first and be her gimp. She is womyn, remember?


The PUAs didn’t fare much better either, since one of their brightest lights was this guy:


red pill orgasm reviewMaking videos reminiscent of this (language warning):




Mainstream sex advice completely ignores the fundamental point – that what she craves is your control and masculine dominance. The yin to her yang. Not your eager-to-please, cloying beta-ness.


A principle which is not lost on Halfbreed (RedPillGame) in his book Red Pill Orgasm.

Red Pill Orgasm Review


Red Pill Orgasm establishes this foundation right out of the gate, before covering some basics for beginners (such as anatomy and communication) and some common guy issues and how to overcome them. There’s also a chapter on lasting longer toward the end.


Easing you into the main event are chapters on foreplay and a detailed one on oral (and more importantly maintaining your dominance over her during oral), before going into what you’d expect – positions and detailed performance techniques.


An interesting door Halfbreed opens is with his chapter on energy, where he introduces you to energy techniques which increase pleasure, control and how she bonds to you. When you’re ready to take the next step, this is how.


Finishing the advanced section is a chapter on rough sex, and one on anal.



Halfbreed gets the foundations right, and because of that, the rest follows nicely. From this perspective, it’s one of the only sex guides you can actually rely on to steer you right.


At 96 pages it may seem a little short, but it adequately covers its bases. It’s a how to guide, and not the works of Shakespeare after all. In fact its length works in your favour – it’s short enough and well categorized so you can whip your phone out and quickly check something while she’s in the loo.


It’s a solid guide for beginners, and for anyone looking for legit, red pill sex advice.


People who already have their stuff together might want to skip this one though. Hint: this applies to you only if you’re regularly seeing this:

red pill orgasm review

For these guys I’d like to see Halfbreed publish an advanced guide in the future, with some work on advanced energy, advanced dominance and psychological control.


For now, Red Pill Orgasm is a worthy guide to get you up to speed.

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2 responses to Red Pill Orgasm Review

  1. Halfbreed December 13th, 2013 at 11:59 pm

    Jack, thanks for the honest review. Appreciate that.



  2. LAutre February 2nd, 2014 at 9:43 am

    Thanks for the review. Interesting.

    One thing though : it’s the Yang of her Yin. Yang is the “masculine” energy, Yin is the “feminine”. Just sayin’.



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