Roosh Bang Review and Retrospect – Six Years On

After six years, does Bang have any value for those new to the game? Is it even of use to us grizzly game veterans anymore? Here’s my Roosh Bang review and retrospect.


Bang: The Pickup Bible that helps you get More Lays in 60 Days – by Roosh V


When I first read Bang (in 2008), I didn’t like it. There, I said it.

Released during the great PUA rush of ’07, there was nothing there which hooked my attention.

To me it was lost in a sea of PUA books because there was nothing distinctive about it.

No special gimmics, no verbal acrobatics, no razzle dazzle.

It was a pick-up and dating guide with virtually no lines or routines.

Rubbish. I ditched it in favour of the Mystery Method, Cocky Comedy, Speed Seduction and a couple others.

It took me a year of daft clothing, needy behaviour and poor results for it to finally hit me:

It’s a pick-up and dating guide with virtually no lines or routines.



If ‘The Game’ is the crane-kicking cheesiness of Daniel-san, Bang is the eye-poking reality of the sexual market place. It’s not pretty, but it’s effective:

On ending the date in her apartment (page 111): “You won’t let her know your intention to enter her place until you’re within sight of her front door. Then you’ll pull out the most low-tech line that will ever come of your mouth: “Can I use your bathroom?” This line is joked about and well-known, but it works extremely well…” Pretty? No. Effective? …yes.

Within its pages, Roosh does a fine job in covering both inner game and outer game, with the latter being divided in to early, middle, late and end game:

‘Early Game’ – everything up to getting the number

‘Middle Game’ – setting up, navigating and ending the date inside her apartment

‘Late Game’ – strategies to seal the deal and subsequently date / dump

‘End Game’ – developing your masculine lifestyle (being, rather than doing)

At 167-pages, covering this amount of ground may seem a little optimistic. After all, other PUAs have written books twice as long on just one of these sections alone.

But much to Roosh’s credit, he’s distilled his wealth of experience into only what works best.

By doing this, he’s saving you from your own worst enemy – you.

It’s natural to want all the information before you begin. However, too much choice leads to inaction – a 300 page book on Early Game alone will make you overthink it and be afraid to leave your room.

After this 167-page book, and you’ll know all you need to leave your bedroom and see results. Period.



Roosh Bang Review: 2010 Update

Roosh updated Bang in 2010 with the addition of three sections – going out alone, text game, and an appendix.

Considering the amount of time that had passed, this may seem a little stingy. But considering this minimal style of game, it’s all that’s needed:

‘Going Out Alone’

It’s easy to see the advantages of going out alone – you’re not at the mercy of a friend, and you’re free to get the job done.

It does come with its own unique problems though – after all, it’s an extreme minority of men who would choose to a club alone. This section successfully helps you clear the two major obstacles of rolling solo – motivation, and how to go about it.

‘Text Game’

In 2010 my game was moulding itself around the framework presented in Bang. I was taking the lead and developing my own masculine style of game, just as Bang encourages you to.

And just like the style of game Roosh lays out within Bang, his text game is also very much ‘the path of least resistance’.

However, I wasn’t prepared to let this into my text game yet.

Another ‘PUA’ had me convinced that I should be using text messaging to spike attraction and build comfort.

After spending $100(!) on this other ‘PUAs’ texting e-book, I wanted to make it work. I was leaving jokey answer phone messages, texting long-winded routines, and using desperate text conversation starters like “I just saw a cat that reminded me of you, so thought I’d say hey.”


It goes without saying that I lost a lot of solid prospects as a result.

Thankfully, Roosh’s text game is the opposite of this in every single way.

The reality is: You cannot build attraction over text. It’s purely a function to get to the next stage – the date. And this is precisely what he lays out, including many ‘what to do when’ scenarios.

Pretty? No. Effective? Absolutely.

To this day, it’s the most concise and effective text game guide that exists today, and is something I check back with every 3 months or so.


Building upon Bang’s foundations is a guide on what to do in specific situations.

For example, what to do if she’s a feminist, if she’s shy, if she doesn’t speak English well, if she has a boyfriend, if she wants to fight you, if she lives with her parents, if she has a busy social calendar, if she’s going out of town for more than three days… you get the idea.

Considering the unexpected nature of the game, it’s a welcome addition.



The Pickup Bible”?

A pillar of my Roosh Bang review is this: Bang is a wholly adequate and solid foundation to dating in today’s world.

Long enough to take you from zero to the bang (it worked for me within a month, once I’d committed to it), and short enough that you aren’t frozen by indecision.

To this day, it’s the only resource I keep coming back to when I need a refresher on the finer points of the game.

But times are changing fast:

roosh bang review

Roosh included an 18-page appendix of ‘specific situations’. But, considering all the eventualities we need to be prepared for today, in my Roosh Bang review I’d hesitate to call it a Bible.

But what is interesting, is that with his life’s work, he seems to have done just this.

In the beginning there was the Old Testament (Bang) and then came the New Testament, Day Bang, which brought new hope into our everyday lives (casually pick up girls while we go about our day as usual).

Then there’s the Gospel according Matthew, Mark, Luke and John, or in this case, Poland, Ukraine, Columbia, and Iceland. (And Argentina, Lithuania, Estonia, Brazil, Latvia, and Denmark).



Bang is somewhat frozen in time – a snapshot of Roosh’s game from 6 years ago. Since that time, his game has evolved to become much more efficient.

This is the progression you’re seeing in each of the travel guides. So even if you’re not interested in visiting the countries covered by his travel guides, you’re seeing the evolution of a player.

Game being distilled into the ruthlessly efficient.

In each new city, culture and country, and with each new girl, he’s being faced with brand new challenges, new shit tests and new objections which you’re yet to experience.

And in each of his Travel Guides, he’s blowing each one away, giving you the exact strategies, techniques and lines he’s used along the way.

You can use his broad experience to:

  • unearth girls in parts of your city, and at times, you’d never thought to have looked
  • relate to girls from cultures you were previously unable to relate to.
  • recognize different personality types, and know how to game them.
  • breeze through shit tests, objections and challenges you’re experiencing for the first time in real life.




To conclude my Roosh Bang review – it’s still as relevant today as it was six years ago.

This is because it was the only pick up book of its time to point you toward the true source of attraction – your masculinity.

Where other books encouraged you to dress and act like a girl, Roosh pointed you firmly in the direction of your masculine essence. Where other books taught you to be someone else, Roosh helped you get in touch with your own masculine core, and live from there.

And of course, there’s more strategy and practical advice than you can shake a stick at.


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