Roosh’s Day Bang Review

Roosh’s Day Bang is an easy to learn, simple to execute, and highly effective way of meeting girls during the day.

Day Bang – How to Casually Meet Girls During The Day by Roosh V

In direct contrast to the daygame method which has emerged from London, you won’t be chasing girls down the street and telling them how nice they look.

Instead you will be casually and incidentally opening them, building interest, and closing them. Casually, being the operative word. No grandiose chase culminating in “I just noticed you and thought you looked very nice”, just something nonchalant, like “Excuse me, is that a good book?”

The obvious benefit which you might already see is: no approach anxiety. Why? You’re just asking an ordinary question, that’s all. And it’s hard to psyche yourself out over something like this.

And in Roosh’s Day Bang, he guides you through every step of the way. The system goes like this:

  1. Open, using one of the many openers he has listed.
  2. Then ramble about the subject, to get her comfortable with talking to you.
  3. Casually drop ‘bait’ into your conversation after a few minutes – juicy bits of information about yourself. She’ll bite if she digs interesting guys, turning the conversation personal.
  4. Then you either insta-date or number close.

In Roosh’s Day Bang, you’re lead by the hand through every step of the way. Roosh teaches you exactly:

  • How to ramble, and how to structure your ramble.
  • How to construct your personalised bait, and how to casually drop it in such a way that she can’t help but bite.
  • Roosh’s six step closing routine to maximise your chances of a successful close.

And on top of this, he goes in depth into the logistics, practicalities and nuances of the coffee shop, the street, the clothing shop, the bookstore, public transport and the grocery store, as well as overviews of the beach, casino, concert, gym, hair salon, handicraft fair, museum or art show, public square or park, and wine festival.

The method in Roosh’s Day Bang is highly effective. I’ve used it many times, and I’ve even met my current girl in a shopping centre using Roosh’s Pet Shop Opener (p.106 of the book).

But you don’t even need to take my word on its effectiveness – successful people have known about this for decades: Roosh’s day bang is the sex equivalent of the sales system, AIDA.

roosh day bang review

A – Attention. The opener.
I – Interest. The bait drop.
D – Desire. She bites, you elaborate.
A – Action. Number close, or venue change.

Every successful salesperson knows: no AIDA means no close, and now it’s time for you to find out for yourself.


It’s strength comes in hiding your intent until her goose is cooked. But what if she’s genuinely in a rush?

Sticking 100% to the method, you’re f**ked. Roosh’s Day Bang just doesn’t accomodate this scenario. I’d like to see an update at some point with Roosh’s way of overcoming this obstacle.

Personally, I go off piste and throw the rule book out the window. I say something along the lines of: “Nah, I’m just kidding. I thought you looked nice and I wanted to meet you.”

Roosh’s Day Bang Summary

Roosh’s Day Bang is an absolute necessity for every man – from those with even a passing interest in meeting girls during the day, to seasoned direct day game veterans.

If you have low interest, it’s simple and easy enough to give you the kick you need to get out there and meet the kind of girls you want. Plus – a minimum of approach anxiety.

If you’re a direct day game pro, the different perspective will up your game.

And even if you don’t want to meet girls, this is a great way to learn AIDA applied for everyday life. Use it with your boss, colleagues, clients, new friends… the list goes on.


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